Monday, January 05, 2009

"Twilight Zone" marathon come to life?

I'll tell you the story, then you tell me if it came to life or not.
New Year's Eve.... Sci-Fi had "The Twilight Zone" marathon running....
Hubby and I went to the house we just bought to work on some things, getting carpets cleaned, covering drafty windows and such.
When we got there, we found a Christmas Card on the door, addressed to "New Homeowners-(address followed that)"
My first thought was a welcome wagon sort of thing, or possibly the church up the road came out on visitation to invite the new neighbors to attend services. I did think it was more than a little strange that they would drive the half mile up the single gravel drive to say "Welcome to the Neighborhood" but figured, what the heck, it's possible I guess, even if they did have to drive all the way to the top of the ridge.
I opened the card and it turns out, it was from the former owner asking/saying/telling (depending on how you want to look at it) us she would be coming up on special occasions to visit her husband's grave!!!! Yes, you read that right, his GRAVE! I almost fell out in the floor!
Now for those of you that don't know me or are new to my blog and don't have the background on all this, let me fill you in (I'll try to keep it short, honest, I will) You can read my first post about getting the house here, the next post about it here. Finally after all the ups and downs and all the set-backs, we signed the paperwork the end of October and the house was ours! It's in a small town where everyone knows about everyone else.
The house was a foreclosure and we got most of the story from our realtor....the previous owner passed away and the family couldn't keep up the payments. We got the rest of the story from the neighbor down below, the guy that installed our cable and internet, and a lady I met in the small town Post Office. The previous owner did indeed pass away..... he committed suicide by hanging himself on the property! (the neighbor's part of the story) There is a small aluminum outbuilding on the back part of the property, that is where they found him (the cable guy's who is also a volunteer EMT and was on the call when they found him, part of the story) Seems the wife, the one who left the card, was/is hooked on Meth and Crack and her problems with drugs were causing enough problems both in the marriage and with finances and the husband apparently didn't see any other way out. (the lady from the post office's part of the story, she has been friends with the wife since grade school)
Now, we didn't know any of this before we bought the house, but I doubt if it would have made a difference, I absolutely love the place!
So here we sit, with a card from a lady that lost this house, that may or may not be hooked on drugs, wanting to just come to the house to visit her husband's grave whenever she pleases! Nope, ain't happening, I don't want in the middle of that. All I want is to get into the house and live a peaceful life with my hubby and our dogs and be left alone.
First, I called the funeral home to find out about his burial, they told me he was cremated.
Next, I talked to the Police Department, their suggestions were put up "No Trespassing" signs (that's been done) and inform the lady we do not want her there and if she insists after being told and seeing the signs, she can be charged with criminal trespass. (she left her number in the card) They say as long as there is not a fenced-in family cemetery on the property, she has no right there anymore, it's not hers anymore.
So, we go forward from there, let her know we would rather she not come up there, call the police to help us and let her get someone to help her move him. I know that sounds horrible, but I DO NOT want him there, I DO NOT want her there, I just want US there without having to constantly watch the drive for someone coming up to the house. I don't want to be worrying all the time about her retaliating in some way, tearing things up, hurting my dogs, whatever. I just want to be able to relax in the house and enjoy life in the country.
If you're so inclined would you say a prayer that we can all work this out with no complications and no further problems, I would greatly appreciate it.

Now, did we or did we not "find ourselves.....In the Twilight Zone"??



Farrah said...

Yeah, that's freaky! I hope you get it situated. I wonder if the wife will cause a scene.

Romeena said...

Yep, it sounds pretty Twilight Zone-y to me. You tell that woman to bring a shovel and come get her husband right NOW! I feel sorry for her and all that, but you own the property now, and she should have thought about that earlier. I can hardly believe that the "burial" was legal. Here in Texas, I'm technically in violation of the law because I buried my little Sugarplum in my back yard! No one does anything about it, but that is how the laws read.

Keep us posted!