Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Owl Box

Ok, so it's been a while! But in the words of an old Johnny Winter song, I'm Still Alive and Well.

We've been fostering a new Bull Terrier, Skippy who came in from Sullivan Co. Animal Shelter. He's a very sweet boy who is just about ready for his own forever home. When he came to us, he weighed 28 pounds!!!!! An adult male Bull Terrier should weigh 50 pounds or more! This poor boy was skin and bones when I picked him up. I'm happy to say, he's now closer to 40 pounds and looking better everyday.

We've also been trying to get the top on our dog's kennel. I've heard Barn Owls, Great Horned Owls and also Red-Tailed Hawks out there and we don't want any of them swooping down and grabbing up one of our little dogs. I love having those birds around, should keep down the rat/mouse population! Not to mention they are beautiful creatures!

I've been working on my stained glass, making trophies for the Miniature Bull Terrier Club's last show. They turned out great if I do say so myself :)

I'm also involved in a new fundraising project with my friend Paula to raise money for our Bull Terrier rescue. Having a blast doing it. You can read about it on the Bullie's blog Kids in Dog Suits or if you are on FaceBook you can check it out on the fan page we made for it. Flat Papster and Flat Benny's Excellent Adventures~The Race to Silverwood.

The last couple of days I've been glued to this computer screen watching Molly and McGee, 2 Barn Owls out in San Marcos, CA. A couple out there put an owl box up on their property 2 years ago and this year the pair decided to use the box to raise their young. So far they have 1 owlet and 4 eggs still left to hatch. Egg number 2 is expected to hatch anytime now. It is so fascinating to watch her care for that baby and exciting to see the male come in to bring her food at night. Please go check them out, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Anyway, that gets you guys caught up for now, enjoy the Owl Box and I will try not to be as long posting updates next time.

Blessings to each and every one of you!