Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wonderful friends with Cute pictures

Over the years of showing dogs and being involved in the sport of dogs I have made many wonderful friends, some of these friendships have lasted for alot of years. One thing about dog people, we are a kooky lot, I will freely admit that, but what makes us "kooky" to some folks is the very thing that seems "normal" to us. It's also what makes us such wonderful friends to one another, an understanding of how we each live our lives. Our dogs are the world to us, they are like our children and we will each do whatever we have to in order to keep them healthy and happy. Most of my friends have children of the two-legged variety as well, but like me, their two-legged children have all grown up and making a life of their own.
We, like parents of two-legged children, love to take pictures of our four-legged kids and show them off. So, enjoy the photos I have posted here, taken by "proud parents" and passed on to others to see and maybe get a chuckle or just say "AAWWW" ;)

Bullie kisses to you all,

Angie & her spoiled rotten tribe.

Ned & Cheri of Cherbo Japanese Chins sent this to me. How cute is this?

Be sure to click on their name & see more of those cutie pie Chins, & find out anything you want to know about them by sending them an email.

Thanks Ned & Cheri for sending this.

My friend Linda from the UK sent this one to me
of her "Cully" enjoying the swimming pool.

These Bull Terriers get the biggest kick out of playing in the pool & chasing balls, sticks, whatever you want to throw in there for them.

They really do fit the description lots of us Bullie owners use~"Kid in a Dog Suit"

These 2 children not only come from an animal shelter, they are "special needs" kids. Scooter, the Lab mix only has 3 legs, which would make it harder to be adopted. Cozy, the little Bullie mix is deaf, another milestone in the adoption process. Thanks to Dodie & her family these 2 have found a forever home!
They live in sunny FL & I had the pleasure of meeting Cozy in Orlando this year! CUTE!

This tired Bullie girl is none other than China. She is my Pappy's mother.

Vicki sent this cute picture of her after a full day of showing & enjoying the heat & fun of Florida while we were all at Silverwood this year.

Thanks Vicki for this one.
I leave you with a picture of our 2 old Mini Dachshunds watching over the ex-pen at the Chattanooga dog shows.
Dumplin' (L) is almost 10 & Tink (R) is nearing 14. They are both rescues & both take the job of "patrol officer" very seriously.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did & if they made you laugh, I've done my job.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Silverwood & Pappy

Things around here have been just crazy, of course, that's nothing new, my life seems to always be crazy. I have been trying to get over here to post something since we went to the Chattanooga dog shows.

First things first, Silverwood in Orlando was AWESOME! Tiring, but awesome! For those of you reading that aren't members of the wonderful family of Bull Terrier fanatics, Silverwood is THE premier show for Bull Terriers! This year the shows ran from Oct. 9-12 in sunny Orlando, FL. The week includes the BTCA (Bull Terrier Club of America) National Specialty and all it's classes, and it also includes the Silverwood Competition, which in short, is the best American Bred Bull Terrier. Bullies and their owners come from all over the US, Canada and beyond. It is truly the best of the best. I was in heaven being surrounded by all those beautiful dogs and their crazy, just as beautiful owners. My puppy, Pappy, didn't show in Silverwood, but did pretty well, ribbon wise, in the National. He got first in his classes, but being a puppy, and acting like a little monkey most of the time in the ring, we didn't advance to the next round. Still I am very happy to have the ribbons. He has some growing up to do and when he does, I have high hopes for this brindle tornado I call my baby. Below is a shot of him with his litter sister, Callie-Claire, and one of his litter brother, Winston. It was like a family reunion for us, 3 of his litter mates were there, a half sister, his dam, his sire, his grandmother and a great aunt were all there. AND they are all raw-fed!! Pappy is a 4th generation raw fed baby, why do you think he looks so good?!
Pappy (L) & Callie-Claire (R)

Pappy & brother, Winston

Vicki and Janice should be proud of the babies they have produced, they are beautiful, of course, I could be just a bit biased. ;) Pappy had a ball in the hotel room, he loved that big old king sized bed, I couldn't resist a couple of shots of him playing on it! This one cracks me up, this boy is a riot!

This is one of my favorites, the little monkey! ;)

I did so enjoy visiting with my friends, Janice & TraceyBelle (Pappy's half sister) from NJ, Melissa and John (Pappy's sire), of course, Janice & Vicki & their crew from TN who bred this beautiful boy and graciously allowed me to have him. I got to meet our Canadians, Marty & Suz, who threw a fun filled Canuck Party to get the week off to a great start. I finally got to meet Dede in person, we've "talked" online & she is just as sweet as I thought she would be in person! She has 2 great blogs as well, (her cooking blog) & check them out, you'll find some wonderful writing & some awesome recipes on them. I got to meet Linda & her babies, (what a nice lady she is). Those are just few of them, if I listed them all, this post would never end. So suffice it to say, I had a great time & wish like crazy that I could make it next year, just don't know since it's in San Jose, CA next year.

Anyway, I leave you with a picture of Darla after a long day waiting for her Color Doppler Heart testing to be done, we waited for a long time & she was ready for bed, can you tell?

Bullie kisses to you all,