Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm soooo ready......

(the driveway coming into our new house)

To be OUT of this neighborhood and into my new house! I don't know how much longer I can put up with the people that live around me before I start picking them off one by one!! I mean really, doesn't anyone know the meaning of respect, common courtesy or thinking of others anymore? I know one thing, in this neighborhood they sure don't.

We have had problems with the kids that live around here and while I know it's not the kids' fault, it's the parents' fault for not teaching them any better, that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. I think the parents just shove them out the door when they get home from school and don't even bother with checking on them or knowing what they are doing for the rest of the day. I have seen them out in the street, skateboarding at 1 am! I'm talking elementary school aged kids! Calling the Police does no good, they don't bother to answer the call until a few hours later anyway, so by then, the little hellions are somewhere else wreaking havoc.

This cold weather has been rough on our dogs since they can't go out and play for long periods, but it sure has been nice for my nerves, it also keeps the neighborhood inside their homes. The last 2 days though, it has warmed up a bit and they are all creeping back outside. In 2 days time I have........

~~Listened to a car that needs a muffler and who knows what else doing at least 50 mph up and down our street. The driver is a boy that looks to be maybe 10 years old! Where is his mother??? Well, I'll tell you, she showed up yesterday afternoon when the police called her because the boy ended up running the car off the side of the road in the ditch just next to our house! She got out of her vehicle screaming at the top of her lungs at the boys and at the police. I know they gave her a ticket, but I'm not sure for what, but within an hour, that same boy was in that same car screaming up and down the street again! Cops showed up once more and I'm not sure what happened this time, but I haven't seen or heard that car today.

~~Watched 4 boys skateboarding up and down the street doing "tricks" off the neighbor's car that is parked out on the street. Before I realized they were in the church parking lot, I let the dogs out to play a while since it had warmed up. Same 4 boys started bouncing off the fence screaming at my dogs for barking at them and teasing them through the fence! Needless to say, I stormed out there and gave orders for them to go home or I was calling the police. They told me to "Go ahead f*%&#ing cops don't come anyway!!" THAT out of the mouth of an 8 y/o! So I told them "Fine, I'll just go get my gun and shoot you in the foot" Oh yes, I did, I most certainly did say that to them. (I am not proud of it, just coming clean with what I said and what it took to get them to listen to me)

~~Heard the neighbors arguing so loud I'm sure the whole neighborhood could hear them. Apparently he's cheating on her because she cheated on him first. Lots of screaming and door slamming and finally a "peel out" up the street.

~~Watched the neighbor behind me stand on her stoop and scream at her kids at the top of her lungs to "come home now" they scream back "NO" and she threatens to "whip them" they say "so what" she goes back inside and slams the trailer door, the kids proceed to the other neighbor's house to chase the chickens pulling tail feathers out of the roosters.

~~Watched 2 boys, (same 2 of the 4 that were cussing me in the church parking lot) throwing rotten apples at our motorhome. Apparently that was pay back for me threatening to shoot them in the foot. Just dialing the phone and acting like I was talking to my husband was enough to make them stop that (for the moment anyway)

~~I've also listened to someone playing the car stereo bass so loud the windows were rattling in the house and the dogs were going off about it. Someone working on a car revving the engine up at 2 am last night, another argument on the other side of the street and car doors slamming all night long!

~~Watched a guy walk up the street carrying what looked like 2 black garbage bags and put them in his car parked in the church parking lot and leave. Found out later, he was at the house on the other side of us stealing and XboX and all the games that go with it, he put them in the black pillowcases from off the bed and carried them out the door! The police were called about the theft and didn't bother until the house owner found out I saw the guy walking up the street at the same time the theft happened and called them again, so they (police) decided they would come on out and take a report! Nice, huh? Guess he had to finish his doughnuts first.

(What I see out my back door, lovely, huh?)

This has just been the last 2 days! I can't go through another summer of this and if we don't soon get into our new house, I'm just going to go over there anyway and sleep on the floor using the back deck as a fridge for keeping my Mountain Dew cold! Look at the different views, THAT alone is worth sleeping on the floor!

(What I see out the doors of the new house, PEACE and QUIET!)

And how was YOUR week?

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Mari said...

Oh man! I don't blame you for wanting out of there. I'd be going crazy! It looks peaceful and serene at the new house!