Monday, September 01, 2008

We made an offer!

They have until Wed @ 5 pm to let us know if they accept it or to send a counter offer.

We finally got to the bottom of the hold up with the Pre-Approval letter from the finance company. Seems the man that we have been working with, the one we worked with last year when we did some re-financing on the house we are in, quit and moved on to another company! From what we can gather, he was still trying to get us the financing, only he was trying to get it with the company he is with now. He called and told my husband he was "emailing a pre-approval letter over as we speak" and a week later, when we didn't have the letter and we weren't able to get him on the phone or get him to return phone calls, Robert finally called the main office number to see what was going on. At any rate, the Senior Lending Officer took over and we had the letter and all the other paperwork we needed to get the ball rolling again, in a matter of 2 days!!

I'm more than a little bit miffed at the first guy for causing this to go on for well over a month now, but I'm glad things are finally rolling now and that no one else has come along and put an offer on the house. The only other thing that could stand in the way fo us getting this house would be a termite inspection that showed the little boogers are taking over. I pray that is not the case, but we'll have to wait and see.

The house is in Bluff City, TN, about 12 miles from where we are now, way back in the woods, sitting on top of a small ridge. Only one other neighbor that shares the driveway, but the house we are looking at is the last one on the road, so people wouldn't be going by the house all the time. To get there you have to drive quite a distance parallel to the South Fork of the Holston River before turning off on the road the house is on. Which is another thing I love about it.

I have never been a "city girl", have always hated being around alot of people all the time, so living here, in a subdivision that is slowing going down hill has been very nerve wracking to say the least, and it gets worse every day. I only hope things work out so we can get out of here SOON!

I will keep everyone updated on what is going on with the house and if we get it, what all we are doing with it, but until then, please keep a good thought and prayer that if it's the Good Lord's Will, we will be moving to the country soon.

I included some pictures of the house that came from the realtor's listing. The first thing will have to be paint, that yellow has GOT to go!

Blessings to you all, until next time


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