Monday, January 19, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

I have been reading and enjoying on several blogs the "Not Me!" Monday posts hosted by MckMama and I just had to get in on it. Check out her blog and go to the blogs listed, I promise you will love it!

I did not wake up wanting the throw the alarm clock this morning!

I was not secretly happy that my first customer cancelled thier appointment because of snow this morning. Really, I wasn't!

I did not decide to not drag the trash can to the street because it was too cold and snowy to bother.

I did not make my bird, JoJo his own scrambled egg this morning because he was being a demanding spoiled brat!

I did not make him a demanding spoiled brat! Nosirreebob, not me!

I did not let my phone go to voicemail when I saw who was calling because I didn't want to talk to them.
I did not waste my morning in front of the t.v. and computer instead of grooming my Cockapoo who needs it desperately.

What have you NOT done lately? Anything interesting?


Hey Mama where's my... said...

A bird...eating eggs?! Isn't that some kind of abomination lol! Thanks for stopping by my page! Have a great evening~

Nancy said...

Hi, I found you thru Mari's blog. I have a sister who is a groomer and she has some neat stories to tell. I'll visit again. God Bless