Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. Presley!

(**before reading this post, please remove any and all bevarages from around your keyboard & swallow what's in your mouth~My apologies to my friend, Susan at Susan in Stitches for any near miss I may have caused between her coffee and her keyboard.) teehee :)

Today Elvis Presley would have been 74 years old!!

I remember the day I heard the news that Elvis had died. I was at my aunt's house visiting when it came across the news. We all stood there with our mouths hanging open, Elvis? Dead? No way! Elvis can't die, he's Elvis for crying out loud! But, indeed he was. I was only 15, but I remember how I was drawn to everything they showed on tv, everything Elvis it seemed went on for days. I saw people on the television screen crying and wailing like they had lost their very best friend, I was amazed. I didn't cry, but I do remember his death making me realize, we all die, one day, we will all have to make that journey. I guess that realization is why I can remember Elvis' birthday and the day he passed away without having to look the dates up. Strange, huh?

I have a niece, who is now 21 years old, but when she was little, 5 or 6 maybe, she was all about getting married, and she didn't care to inform anyone who asked, or didn't ask for that matter, that she was going to marry Elvis. She could sing many of his songs and never miss a word or beat, she insisted that my mother play her "Blue Christmas" record (yes, I said record, as in LP) every time she went to Nanny's house. Not only did Nanny have to play it, my niece had to be able to carry the LP jacket around looking at the picture of Elvis on the front.
She absolutely adored anything and everything Elvis, a 5 year old mind you, born 10 years AFTER the man passed away!
Let me tell you she was one mad little girl when she found out Elvis had passed on! My mother had asked her for the LP jacket back so she could replace the record, my niece threw a fit, told her she needed that picture, she was going to marry him. Mom decided to let her know that Elvis had died and let me tell you the Poo! Hit! The! Fan! Little Miss M. said "Fine then, if he's just gonna go and die before we get married, then that's his problem!" and off she stomped with her hands on her hips, very put out and never said another word about marrying Elvis again. She still loves his music and like any other woman I know, thinks he was a hunk, but in the mind of that little 5 or 6 year old girl, it was his loss if he was just gonna up and die without ever meeting her, much less marry her!

(On a side note that has nothing whatsoever to do with Elvis Presley, I found this site last night to make up a "signature" instead of just typing my name, so here goes, I'm trying it for the first time on this post.)


catsmum said...

girrrl this post should carry a coffee warning - like ...ya know ...'no hot beverages near the keyboard '
I nearly killed the pc snorting coffee through my nose reading the bit about your niece LOL

Farrah said...


I grew up listening, singing, and dancing to Elvis music growing up even though I was only a few months old when he died. My Dad is a huge fan! I was watching the Elvis show with Priscilla and Lisa Marie sharing their memories of him on TvLand last night.

Your neice was so funny!