Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Bullies are blogging!

Alright already!!

The Bullies finally have their own blog!

I have had numerous people ask me to let them have the keyboard once in a while and let's hear it from their point of view, so today, I let them do just that! If you are interested, you can go to
Kids in Dog Suits and see just what they have to say.

I WILL let everyone know up front, I am not responsible for how they think, they are Terriers after all, and anyone who has lived with a terrier for any length of time knows, they have minds of their own. Don't be fooled by the fact that they don't have beards, they are true terriers, through and through!

I hope you will visit their site and give them some encouragement. And I sincerely hope I haven't just enabled 3 monsters!


Mari said...

You are funny - I'll check it out!

Lisa said...

LOL, maybe my Daisy needs her own blog.
nah that could be a bad idea!

Thank you for following! I was tagged by a friend and in return tagged you! You can see the details here...
I hope we can become friends!