Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fostering Chico, the Bull Terrier

We own and show Bull Terriers, you know, the "Target" dog, or if you are a little older, "Spuds MacKenzie" or perhaps a little older still, the "General Patton" dog. Those are just 3 famous Bullies, there are quite a few more listed here that you may not even know are Bull Terriers! I've posted about their antics a few times, the main one that stands out at this moment, the time they went on "An Adventure" through the neighborhood at the butt crack of dawn! Oh yes, they can be trying, they can be stubborn, they are bossy, they are bratty, they are funny, they are clowns, they are loving and we are absolutely devoted to this breed! I can't imagine my life ever being without one. They bring me laughter and lift my spirits each and every day. (See what I mean?)

My Pappy rolling around in the bed. LOL

That being said, I am a member of the Bull Terrier Club of America and being a part of that club, I feel I should do my part in rescuing Bull Terriers in need. When I can't foster a dog, I try to donate funds to our rescue committee. The BTCA and it's members try their best to help any Bullie that needs rescuing.

Last Friday, I get an email telling me of a Bull Terrier in the Johnson City Animal Shelter and since I am the closest to him and he's slated to be euthanized in 2 days, could I go get him? Of course I can, even in the middle of moving things to the new house, how could I live with myself if I didnt help this poor boy. He was an "owner surrender" a little thin, but not emaciated, scars and scabs all over his face from fighting and all he wants to do is play and be loved on.

"commando crawl" Bullies LOVE to do this

can you see him smiling?

He walks on lead fairly well and will "Sit", we are working on "Down" right now, and "Kennel Up" for when he needs to be crated. He loves his raw food and looks at me like I am Greek Goddess of Food or something. He will make someone an awesome pet and I hope he will find his very own forever home. He hasn't offered to fight with or try to hurt any dogs here, but I haven't had them out together yet. I want to make sure he is not contagious from being in the shelter. He also has ignored the chickens next door, could care less about our birds and seems to like men and women both. He's very playful and his eyes show a typical Bullie glint of mischievousness.

I will keep everyone updated on his progress. Right now, he is at 48 pounds and as soon as I can give him a bath (he has stitches from being neutered) I'll be able to better tell the condition of his skin and coat.

enjoying his first turkey drumstick

So, here we are, 2 people trying to move from one house to another, caring for our own brood of 15 dogs, 6 birds and a Bearded Dragon, both of us running our own businesses and we figure what's one more? Neither of us could bear the thought of a wonderful dog being put down because some jerk of an owner decided either he didn't want it anymore, or just didn't want to deal with the responsibility of taking care of one. At any rate, Chico is here until he can find a forever home.
playing with Hubby

Bullies live for "good times" they relish in life and all it has to offer, getting everything out of it they can, I hope I can take lessons from my Bullies and remember to "Live Life to the Fullest, enjoy every minute of it!"
Bullie hugs and kisses,

Angie (and the Tennessee Tribe + one)

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Mari said...

He is really cute! My daughter just got a rescue dog. She is a mix of some kind, but were told she may be part bull. The female owner was a meth addict and took off and her boyfriend left her tied to a tree outside. Laura and her husband saw her and couldn't leave her at the shelter. They are in love with her already!