Monday, February 16, 2009

Just a Quick Post

I realize it has been a week since I last posted and wanted to give everyone an update. Chico, the little foster Bullie we had here went to what we hope will be his forever home this past Friday. So far, the reports I am getting from his new owner are all positive, he just loves him! I knew he would, Chico is an awesome boy. :)
Meanwhile, practically as soon as Chico left here, I got an email about another Bull Terrier needing rescue in Knoxville. So, Sat afternoon, hubby and I headed out to pick her up. What a sad little girl she is. Her name is Izzy and she has some issues. She is very sweet, but she is a "spinner" She is going to take a little more time to work with and evaluate than Chico did, but I do believe she is worth the effort. She needs some structure and stabilty to start with, then we can go from there. She has been in 6 different places, counting ours, in the last 2.5 months! No wonder the poor baby has issues! You can see where she has chewed the end of her tail from the stress she has been under.
Keep us in your thoughts as we try to help her get back to a normal life and hopefully find her own forever home.


Mo said...

I just want to give you and your hubby (AND your bullies!) big 'ol KUDOS for what you do! I don't have the wherewithall to foster pups...I would end up with a houseful of doggies that I wouldn't ever want to let go....and, frankly, I couldn't afford that! LoL. You can bet that my thoughts are with lil' Izzy (she IS a cutie-pie, isn't she?!) and I hope she finds someone to luv her fur-ever!! And, again, thanks to you and yours for your big 'ol hearts and a loving stop over to their forever homes...(give a big 'ol pat on the head to Feather for me, too!)

~Mo (2 hounds & a manx)

Farrah said...


Do you get paid for taking care of these puppies?

Mari said...

Poor little Izzy! Yeah for you guys for taking her in and helping her.

Adrienne Zwart said...

What a sweet face she has! You guys are wonderful for fostering--hope she responds well to the love you have to offer.

Reading Rosie said...

Poor Baby! You guys have such big hearts to take on these sweeties. Blessings on your efforts.

Julie said...

That's awesome. I'm glad those puppies have such great people caring for them!!!