Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why I hate to vacuum....

Ya'll thought I was only kidding about the Bullies not letting me clean house in peace, didn't you??
They do the same thing with brooms, mops, window cleaner spraying, etc, etc, etc.

I'll be back later with the story of how our dog show went last weekend.


JAN'S PLACE said...

ok.. that would be ..ah ... not fun! You need either a loud vacuum, or a loud stereo!

Have a great weekend!

Mari said...

Yes - she really doesn't like it!

Martine said...

What an amazing idea... put the bully in the crate before cleaning! Sugar loves to chase the vacuum as well. She doesn't bark at it just chases it around.

Martine & sugar

Martine said...

we love your blog and sent you an award!!!!

xo sugar and martine

DCampy34 said...

silly bullies - mine dont get crazy liel that - but i do have to keep pushing woodrow out of the way - he just stands there i literally vacuum under him