Friday, May 29, 2009

Trophy Photos

Now that things have finally settled down to a small, containable riot around here, I thought I would post some pictures of the trophies I made for our show. Total made: 18 Fan lamps and 4 Table Lanterns. The first photos are of the 3-sided Table Lanterns that I did for Best in Show & High In Trial.

I didn't think to make sure to get a shot of the entire trophy table, I'm hoping maybe one of the other club members took one. I also didn't have lights on in the Calla Lily ones, but the shots turned out nice. The fan lamps were made for Group 1, High Combined and Best Junior Handler.

The Calla Lily lamps turned out very nice, I was really happy with them. I think I'm going to make one for myself. :)

The flower is a deep wine color, hard to see it, because the picture makes it look black, but it really is a beautiful color.

I hope to get a post written showing the steps it takes to make one of these lamps soon.

Next project.......

Bull Terrier trophies for my regional club's speciality in November, and another fan for a fellow blogger who fell in love with the ones I was making.

I am going to open an Etsy shop as well and hope to start selling different things online, lamps, suncatchers, tissue boxes, clocks, etc. I have lots of ideas floating around in my head.

I have a program on the computer that will let me make patterns and I hope to be able to make things with the less common breeds of dogs. It's hard to find things for breeds like Bull Terrier, Chinese Crested, Dandie Dinmont, Bullmastiff, Irish Wolfhound, Japanese Chin, just to name a few, I hope to remedy that in a small way at least.
This program is wonderful, if you can dream of something you would like in stained glass, the program makes it possible. :)
Until next time,


Mari said...

Wow - I'm impressed! No wonder you were so busy before the show!

DCampy34 said...

WOW - Angie the lamp are... as our bullies would say Boo-timous - they are truly gorgeous - and the program sounds awesome - gotta get a red and white and all white bully suncathcer. cant wait for you to open the store.

Deb and the brats

alex said...

...and greyhounds, don't forget the greyhounds ;-)
Your work is beautiful- keep us informed about that etsy store!

Martine said...

how totaly cool!!!!!!

Libby said...

The Cala Lily is my very very fav flower ever! Those are sooo awesome, you did a wonderful job on everything!
What about Chinese Shar Pei? I have 6 of them, and its sometimes hard to find stuff.

Checkers said...

and a peek-a-poo too!

JAN'S PLACE said...

Angie.. the lucky folks who got those trophies, that is so cool!

Our Paint Horse club would give out very cool, non typical trophies, and they were always a hit.

Have a great weekend!

sprinkles said...

Beautiful trophies!