Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good Grief Charlie Brown!

This week has been as long and stressful as last week. I took the day off tomorrow so I could wind down and hopefully get caught up on things around this house. I can't remember the last time I was this far behind in everything!
I heard someone say one time~
"The hurried-er I go, the behind-er I get!" that's me in a nutshell lately!

In the past 2 weeks, I and/or my dear Hubby have:

~Rescued and began fostering another Bull Terrier that has OCD issues
~Met with the ADT guy to get an alarm and security system on the new house
~Met with the man that is laying the tile in the new house
~Worked on/installed a new heat pump in the new house
~Worked VERY long days in both businesses
~Put a chain up across the driveway to keep the nut that used to own our new house from coming and going as she pleases
~Met with the same nut to have her remove her husband's ashes from our property
~Met with the Sheriff's Dept to keep the whole "Us vs. Nut" scenario calm
~Dealt with forty-eleven phone calls from same nut
~Handled forty-eleven and one phone calls from stupid telemarketers
~Had Lizzy the foster at the vet because she chewed the end of her tail off

I could go on, but I'll stop before I throw myself into some dark cave somewhere and never come out. I have lots of material for blog posts coming up, that's for sure!

Until then, enjoy a picture or two of my sweet Bullie boy with his birthday pressie, he turned 1 year old yesterday and has been carrying that toy everywhere with him. :)

Until tomorrow (I hope)


Mari said...

Wow - what a week. Hope next week is better!

Rudy said...

Wow what a week you've had! My groomer is extremely busy all the time too, and not just with clients, it's her house, it's the Bedlington Terrier club business, it's this, it's that... I think it must go with the territory, do you?

I've seen Bull Terriers at agility trials and they're fun to watch! One girl in particular used to make up her own courses all the time. We go to the big all-terrier agility trials in PA in October and see some Bullies too. Hope you have a better week!

(p.s. my Mom has cousins outside Nashville in Mt Juliet -- she loves the area!)

Mo said...

Well, Happy Belated Birthday, you sweet thang!! (Give yer momma lots of doggie kisses; make her feel alllll better!!

~Dolby & Murphy (Mo's 2 hounds)