Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why is it...?

No matter how old your children are they still manage to do something that makes you want to just wring their necks??
My son is 20 years old & I swear sometimes he still acts like a little kid! He came in early from his job Monday night declaring that he quit because of some other guy that worked there being a jerk & he just couldn't take it anymore. His words~"Mom, if I hadn't left, there would have been a fight & then I would have been in jail because I was going to punch him!" For crying out loud, I had a temper too when I was young, but I never walked out on a job because of it! I just want to strangle him. Now he's walking around the house, all nasty & ill because of it & the rest of us are living with a royal PITA! He's grumbling because he has no money & he doesn't want to work at a fast food place. He tells me it bothers him, being 20 years old & working at a fast food joint. How in the world am I going to get it through to him that if he wants something better for himself, he is going to have to get up & go after it?! I have told him more than once, things aren't handed to you in this world & if you want something, it's up to you to go get it.
Kids today seem to think the world owes them & they should be able to walk without crawling first. I swear I did not raise him to believe he was entitled to what he wanted without working for it, so where does this come from? Is it just all kids in this generation?
Jake has an old '78 Cadillac, a big, heavy tank of a car, that we are unable to get the title on, so he & hubby spent the weekend getting it ready to go to the scrap yard. (they are paying $12.50/10 pounds & the thing weighs 5300 pounds!) The car is ready to go, but hubby tells him until he gets a job, the car will sit at our auto repair shop as security. Jake does pay us rent & cell phone bill & he owes us for 2 weeks rent. Hubby wants to make sure we get our money in the event Jake decides to take his sweet time getting a job. I agree with hubby, hopefully it will go at least a little way towards teaching Jake a little about responsibilty.
So, here I sit, nerves almost completely shot, with a grumbling son, a patient husband that wants to help me wring his neck, but isn't, a 6 month old Bull Terrier puppy that needs to be worked & trained for the shows coming up in 2 weeks & I can't because of the rain, & I'm out of my Constant Comment tea! Good grief, what's next?
No wait, don't answer that, I don't want to know!
Here's hoping my day can only go uphill from here, wish me luck & thanks for listening.
Puppy Hugs & Kisses Ya'll

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Farrah said...

Good job to your husband for standing up! It's hard to be a stepparent, believe me I know. Hope Jake gets it together soon. If he does without he will get it together. Just don't help him nary a bit!