Monday, May 01, 2006

Beautiful Days

Don't ya'll just love this time of year? I sure do, I have gotten so busy, I haven't had time to work in my yard, but I am so looking forward to doing just that today. I have been working so much, I had to take today off, just to get some things done here at home & I couldn't have picked a better day to do it. Think I will work outside today, instead of inside, like I had planned.
I groomed The Crabtree & Moye kids on Sat. & boy did I have a great time! I set up on the back deck & the dogs enjoyed being out in the sunshine as much as I did. I brought my Chihuahua, Cissy with me as well, since I knew Robert & Gloria's kids get along with everyone. Cissy & Poochie had a blast playing. I think they were excited about finally having someone their own size to play with.
Poochie has the most gorgeous ears & they get in the way sometimes when I am grooming him, so I put them up with little girl's hair ties. I couldn't resist taking that picture!
If you all want to see Poochie in person, Robert owns Commonwealth Car Care on Commonwealth Ave. & Poochie is the "Official Greeter" & Vice President there. While you are there, be sure to talk to the guys about car care, they have the best customer service there & the guys know their stuff. Gonna get started on my outside work, I have a pond that really needs cleaning up so that is first on the list.
Angie & the Tsagali kids

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